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Welcome to our page on travelling safely. 

As with all our journeys we hope you enjoy your ride on our trains, but we do have a few safety rules before you depart the station.  'Big Ted' will help you on your way by explaining the do's and dont's. Please follow his instructions. Thank you


This is a safety announcement.

Welcome to Wimborne Miniature Railway

To help make your trip with us as enjoyable and as safe as possible please follow these instructions.

  • Keep your feet on the running boards and hands in at all times during the journey.


  • Avoid leaning over either side of the train and always face the direction of travel during your ride.


  • Taking pictures or touching lineside items is strictly prohibited.


  • Standing is not permitted at any time on the journey.


  • Finally, please wait for the train to come to a complete stop at the platform before getting off.


We hope you enjoy your journey with us.

Thank you

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