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Gauge 1 Layout

At Wimborne DSME we are always open to new ventures which can sometimes take a while to complete.  After being approached by the 'East Dorset and New Forest group' of the Gauge 1 in 2018 we have joined forces to produce a substantial layout in our picnic area.  This contains 2 continues loops of approximately 170ft, steam up areas and extra sidings/loops for stabling stock.  Amazingly this was constructed in just 6 months after lockdown was eased. We hope that this final design will give a good flexible railway layout  and a great area to socialise with other members and friends.

If you are going to be in the area and would like to visit us and have a go on our layout, please get in contact. 

Picnic end.jpg
Far end curve.jpg

Wimborne DSME Gauge 1 Layout, January 2022.

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